Company Profile

Jazzfeezy Productions is a Canadian music production company. It was Co-Founded by Certified Music Producer and Sound Engineer, Jazz Singh. As a music producer from a small city, Jazz had very limited access to professional recording studios. This inspired him to create his own portable, music production venture. Using VSTs and digital audio workstations, Jazz and his team collaborate on making beats for industry placements.

Jazz works with a wide range of international artists and writers from around the world. He is passionate about creating music, engineering sounds and supplying profitable audio compositions. Jazz specializes in creating original compositions for recording artists, television and film, remix and sample-based compositions. He submits beats for singles, full-length albums and projects in a variety of genres. In addition, Jazz consults, manages and mentors his own team of music producers, artists and songwriters.

Guided by Zach Katz & Gee Roberson, Jazzfeezy Productions currently provides music for BMG, Maverick, BPG Music Group, Musical.ly, Para Music Group and more.

Our Vision

Jazzfeezy Productions strives to be recognized as a portable Canadian music production company that supplies profitable audio compositions to a diverse consumer group.

Mission Statement

At Jazzfeezy Productions, we create a portable music studio venue where producers in small and rural cities can work on music production for placements using VST instruments and digital audio workstations.

Our Services

  • Music Production
  • Sound Engineering and Audio Mastering
  • Music Consulting and Mentoring
  • Songwriters and Demo Singers
  • Session Players
  • Access to Professional Recording Studios


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