Jazzfeezy Drum Kit Vol. 1


The Jazzfeezy Drum Kit Vol. 1 is now available online! Five years ago, I co-created the Boi-1da Sound Kit Series. Now, I have finally created my own drum kit featuring 101 original, high quality drum sounds from my extensive personal collection!

Download a FREE 10-pack preview of The Jazzfeezy Drum Kit. Vol. 1

The drum kit includes:

19 Snares // 17 Custom Loops
9 Claps // 9 Kicks
8 808s // 8 HiHats (Closed)
7 HiHats (Open) // 7 Perc
4 Vox / Chants // 2 Live Snares
2 Beatbox // 2 Snaps
2 Tambourines // 2 Tom
1 Crash // 1 FX
1 Shaker

Click on the photo below to purchase the kit.

Jazzfeezy Drum Kit Vol. 1

Boi-1da Contest

With the purchase of the drum kit, we are giving everyone the chance to win a Skype session with Boi-1da! We will ramdomly select one individual to be rewarded with a 30-minute Skype session with Super Producer Boi-1da. Once we have received 1,000 entries for the contest, we will select a winner. The chosen winner is encouraged to be respectful at all times, because the Skype session may be terminated at Boi-1da’s discretion.